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image1Note: this is an ongoing VIDEO Journal | Blog on everything educational.  I am constantly adding to, and changing this web site along with the other four video web sites listed in the sidebar.  There will be over 100 hours of informative videos on this web site alone.  The videos are intriguing, fascinating and help put everything in to perspective.   Keep checking back for new videos, added text, articles, and additional resources.   Here is a sample of the video quality.

homeRecently I was checking to make sure all the videos were working. I watched the video "Home" again and I have to say, if you don't watch any other video please watch this one. It is so beautiful and so well made. It is the video | movie that got me started on this quest.

Note: To watch the FULL movie you have to watch this video at YouTube [1:33:18].

Note: if you are looking for a lot of entertaining videos, i.e. TRUtv, National Geographic, UFO Channel, BBC, PBS, History Channel, Nature, Earth Focus, Our Universe, Aircraft Disasters, Seconds from Disaster, Carl Sagan, Around the World in 80 Days, Monty Python Flying Circus, Penn Teller, etc.  please look on the TV Channel (menu) on .

Ever wanted to see how your car engine worked, or the TV, or your computer?  Through the magic of video and the hard work of very talented individuals you can.  I hope to make this web site an easy to navigate window into a video collection of all the imaginative simulation videos on the Internet.  I hope this will be a helpful tool for kids of all ages, from pre-school all the way up to adults.

Note: I just stared on this web site and so I have a long way to go.  If you want to see more videos please visit: .

For example:

car-engine Simple explanation of how a car engine works
russian-shuttle A friend of mine turned me onto the Russian Space Shuttle web site: . I was amazed that I didn't know anything about it.

Notice: I noticed that some of the videos don't necessarily start up right away, or sometimes the longer videos  can jump back to the beginning. If this happens to you just click on the progress bar a little further along, or where you want to start up from, and hit the play button again.

Each video is accompanied by a legend:
[g=how well the topic is represented, v=video quality, a=audio quality, l=length]

Thanks for your understanding.

Notice: If you don't find the video you want by browsing, try the Site Map, or better yet try the Search box. Use non-plural words that best describes what you want to find, i.e. you want to find videos on glaciers, human rights, banking.  Type "crop" or "human" or "bank" or "music"  (without the quote marks) into the Search box. See what you find.  You might be surprised.

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